School Leadership Team (SLT)

What is the SLT?


Each public school is required to establish a School Leadership Team. This group develops an annual Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP), which determines the policies, procedures and programs that create the environment in which our children learn. It consists of staff members including the principal, guidance counselor and UFT union representative; classroom teachers; at least one of the co-presidents of the PTA and elected parent members. This group has the extremely important and rewarding job of defining our school’s educational goals and and coming up with immediate and long-range solutions. 


The SLT Bylaws were revised and adopted in School Year 2018-19. View the bylaws here.




Members of the PS3 community who are not among those officially elected to serve on the SLT may still come to meetings to observe and are encouraged to talk to the elected representatives outside of meetings regarding your concerns and to make suggestions. SLT meetings are open to the general public, which includes people from both within and outside of the school community. If you have a topic to bring to the attention of the SLT please leave a note in our Main Office. Meetings generally take place one Thursday per month at 6:30PM via Zoom  due to Covid-19. To receive the link to attend a meeting, please email Occasionally meetings have to be rescheduled so check for updates on the website. Minutes from its meetings and reports on its activities are presented at the monthly PTA meetings, and are available for download on this webpage.



members, 2020-21

Staff/Teacher Members

  • Hilary Casado (Principal)
  • Catherine Schrager (UFT representative)
  • Emily Fox
  • Sam Chan
  • Stephanie Kim

Parent Members

  • Anne Hager (co-Chair)

  • Colleen O'Connor-Grant
  • Sandeep Kandhari
  • Jodie Wilson (PTA co-President)
  • Fabiana Lutti


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Meeting Minutes folder for 2021-22








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