The Food, Grow, Play Committee was formed to enhance PS3’s Cafeteria and Gardening
Opportunities and support our children with playful and educational activities.

We meet every 2 months in person / zoom. Additional meetings for Special Events.



The committee is comprised of three facets:

 - Liaise with our DOE cafeteria staff and assist with day-to-day and supply needs.

 - Assist in garnering cafeteria volunteers lor lunchtime needs.
 - Meet with our WITS chef and team to aid in sponsored activities, WITS BITS and WITS LABS and
Café DAY.

 - Gardening Day: “Plant-A-Palooza” Springtime Yearly Planting Party for Kids and Parents.
 - Typically After School in May.

 - Seasonal Planting Sessions. Herbs and Flowering.
 - An irrigation system is needed long term.


 - Assisting Recess Volunteering Needs
 - Determine FGP Activities Throughout the year


FGP Yearly Event Examples


Fall Fest: “Dangling Donuts”

Science Fair x WITS: : How Acid Changes the taste of Food
Plant-A-Palooza: Adopt a Plant
Spring Fling “Dangling Donuts” and/or Planting Wall
Seasonally: Change Seasonal Décor/Displays in the Lobby and Cafeteria