A strong component of our dance program at PS3 involves social activism and how small people can affect change in the world. The dance a thon raises money for children in Safe Passage, a school in Guatemala. We use our dancing to raise money for the school and talk about how and why we help others. This goes along with the philosophy of the school as a place where we empower students to help others with UNICEF, coat, food, and change drives. Our Dance a thon will be held on May 23rd this year and we need the whole community to help raise money and gather sponsors for each dancer. In past years we have raised up to $20,000 for the school and they are in desperate need post pandemic.


Here is something for kids to print out and share, for grownups and kids to email to family members that may donate, and a brief bit of info:


Hello! I am doing a dance a thon on May 23rd to raise money for Safe Passage in Guatemala. I will dance 20 dances. Can you please sponsor me by going to the link below and donating? The money we earn by dancing hires teachers and doctors, buys food and supplies and supports the community at Safe Passage. Thank you so much!



Check with your Class Parents and/or teachers about what time your class will be dancing.


If coming along, bring your dancing shoes - this is not a spectator event!



Thursday, May 23, 2024 9:00am