Dear Families,


P.S. 3 is an exceptional place. It is not just a school, but a community of learners – and not only the students – our teachers and families learn too! The uniqueness of P.S. 3 comes from our ability to create a welcoming and safe space full of wonder and excitement that focuses on supporting the creative, academic, and social skills of each and every child.


To continue this tradition, it’s time we ask you to invest in your child’s education through our annual Parent-Teacher Association fall fundraising drive. Each year, our PTA raises around $500,000 thanks to donations from PS3 families and corporate matches. That comes out to about $800/child. 


These funds support PS3’s arts, music, clay and science programs as well as essential teaching assistants, teacher development, field trips, community events, supplies and much, much more.


With your help, we can fully invest in your child’s learning! And every amount that you donate helps. You can give $20 or $20,000 and we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. It is most important that everyone participates so that we can let our community know how dedicated we are to our children’s future to both leverage other donations and to execute the plan we have for the year.

And so we thank you – for each dollar you give, for each event you attend, for every moment you volunteer – for bringing the spirit of inquiry into our children’s lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Please take a moment to consider what you and your family can give to support all of the children of P.S. 3. Donations may be made online HERE either as a one time gift of you can choose a monthly donation. Checks made out to “PS3 SCC” or cash donations may also be left with the front desk.


With much gratitude,

PTA Co-Presidents


The PS 3 PTA is a registered 501(c)(3); our Tax ID is EIN 13-3570722.



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